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Dear Rani,
As you know I have been bringing groups to Israel for many years and always travel with Covenant Tours but this last trip was one of the very best trips ever. The hotels were very good, our guide was excellent as always and so was our bus driver. Both of them went far beyond the call of duty.

Because of your excellent organization, everything was taken care of down to the last detail and I could concentrate on making sure the group had the full experience of Israel, the land, the people and the Book.

In short, you and your company, Covenant Tours, took excellent care of us and I want you to know how much I appreciate the personal attention you give to my groups.
Some of the first timers expressed their satisfaction at not yielding to the pressure of family and friends concerning travelling to Israel. On tour, it was evident that the media continues to completely distorts the security and safety situation in Israel. Nowhere could we have felt safer and more comfortable.

You have helped make our group travel in Israel the ultimate educational and spiritual experience. Our tours with you are not just tours. They are a connection with the Holy Land - a true revelation of why it so holy and central to our faith - and an ongoing relationship with you and all the Israelis we meet. Thank you so much.

Dr. Billye Brim
Prayer Mountain
Branson, Missouri

Dear Rani,
Lynne and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you've done for us over these past 15 years. It has been - and continues to be - an absolute privilege to entrust Covenant Tours with our visits to Israel.

Knowing you are organizing our tours puts our minds at ease. The knowledge and passion you and your team have for the land and people of Israel enriches our experience greatly.
We never have travel concerns or misunderstandings. Safety is never a concern. The hotels and food you choose for us are first-class.

The best part about working with you is that you tailor our trip to what we want to see. You always consult with us to ensure that our tours are filled with visits to various biblical sites that help inspire and strengthen our faith. We love being led through the footsteps of Jesus, Moses, and Israel's prophets and kings.

We also appreciate that you make extra effort to bring us face to face with modern Israel. You give us a chance to meet Israeli leaders and residents and glean a better understanding of the struggles and challenges facing Israel today. Because of Covenant Tours, those who tour with us are more knowledgeable regarding Israel, current events, and our biblical roots. For that, we are truly thankful.

Pastors Mac & Lynne Hammond
Living Word Christian Center

Dear Rani,
It has been a privilege to visit Israel and tour with Covenant Tours. Our minds are always at ease knowing that you are organizing our Journey.

From smooth transportation accommodations, first class hotels, and the superb coordination with all aspects of the journey, we are always confident that our needs will be met.

The safety of our trips are a priority and we have never had an issue with the safety of our participants due to the utmost diligence of each of your employees.

Of most importance Rani, is your continual interface, from planning to execution, with the FaithWalk International Team to ensure that our tours have all of the principal ingredients which have made every trip a success.
The opportunity to visit and experience modern Israel while being exposed to biblical and archeological Israel are the unique ingredients which make FaithWalk International such a life rewarding experience.

Thank you for all you do, and the superb first class support you always provide FaithWalk International.

All the Best,
David Cerjan
President, FaithWalk International

Dear Rani,
Let me begin by thanking you for the extremely successful tour that your company arranged. It met and surpassed what I had hoped for and our guide, Guy, was a huge hit with the young people.

I want you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into organizing an outstanding itinerary and making sure everything ran smoothly. This allowed us to enjoy the tour without having to worry about details and we truly did.
The Biblical significance of our tour goes beyond words and I am thrilled that we could have our young people experience this.

Lord willing, in the new year, I will begin discussions with another group for later in 2010 and will be soliciting your help once more.

Warmest regards,
Pastor Terry Sproule
Edmonton, Alberta

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