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Israel Travel - your Israel tour starts here

So, you have been thinking for some time that you would like to bring a tour to Israel. It's been on your mind and in your heart but it sometimes seemed a little overwhelming. Where to begin? What to do first?

Coming to Israel with a group does require some special steps. Early planning and working hand in hand with experienced custom tour managers are key. Covenant Tours has 27 years of experience in preparing specialized Israel tour packages and is standing by to make your Israel tour experience the best it can be.

Planning your Tour to Israel

Here are a few questions and answers to help you on your way to Israel, the travel destination that will change your life:

When can I come to Israel?
You can visit Israel anytime during the year. However, in terms of pricing and touring conditions, the best times are:
- between February 20 - June 30
- between September 15 - November 15

If you represent a synagogue, church or organization, you also want to allow ample time to publicize this exciting venture, to print your brochure or leaflet, and to give your potential group members plenty of advance notice so people can save money and register for the tour.

Plan ahead. European groups should plan for 6-9 months ahead. We suggest our American clients plan a tour about one year in advance, and allow a minimum of 10 months to put the whole thing together.

How Many people Make a Group? ("Guess-timating" the numbers...)
Group size can range from very small to very large. What is important is to plan your itinerary with group size in mind. With no commitment on your part, we suggest you guess the number of people you believe will join your tour to Israel. Whether you are planning to bring 20 people or 150, the number will impact our airline strategy, the itinerary we plan together and even selecting the time of year to travel. So try to get a "guess-timate" of how many will be joining you.

Your Israel Tour First Steps

Contact us. Complete the form by clicking on "I'm Ready to Plan a Tour" and send it to us at Covenant Tours. Let us know what you have in mind, the dates you are considering, your goals, the approximate number of people you expect to be in the group. We, in turn, will share with you information and ideas about hotels, Israel tour guides, airlines and travel dates… and start putting together your tour to Israel.

What are the Most Important Sites in Israel ?
Needless to say, a good itinerary and an outstanding tour guide are the most important components of a successful tour. Establishing the right itinerary for your group is a process we do together with you. We will communicate with you to understand the nature of the group, the goals you have for them while in Israel and make the appropriate suggestions and bookings accordingly.

At a later stage, we will send you an itinerary, and a detailed list of what is included in the special tour package we have customized for you. We will also help you put together a brochure and advise you on how to publicize the tour.

" You have helped make our group travel in Israel the ultimate educational and spiritual experience. Our tours with you are not just tours. They are a connection with the Holy Land - a true revelation of why it so holy and central to our faith - and an ongoing relationship with you and all the Israelis we meet."
Dr. Billye Brim
Prayer Mountain - Branson, Missouri
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