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safety in Israel

The safety and security of those who travel with Covenant Tours is our highest priority. We are well aware of the distorted and "sensationalized" picture the media presents of Israel. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, Israel is one of world's safest travel destinations.

In every Israeli town and city, you see people out at all hours of the day or night and restaurants, cafes, beaches and historic sites are full of tourists and Israelis.

In the past 27 years, Covenant Tours has brought thousands of people to Israel and never once did any of our tourists feel threatened or endangered.

To ensure you safety while in Israel, we use the most modern and best maintained vehicles; we employ Israel's most experienced drivers and tour guides; and our office is always prepared for last minute itinerary changes if necessary.

Come visit Israel for a week or two. Most of our guests say they have never felt safer or more welcome. You may not want to go home...

"The Hotels and food were first class and our safety was never an issue.  Because of the security precautions that exist throughout Israel, we felt safer with Covenant Tours in Israel than we sometimes feel at home."
Pastor Mac Hammond
Living World Christian Center
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